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    We find that many people love sex toys, but some complain that the quality of sex toys are not good, some toys are not powerful, some toys are not stimulating, nor some toys cannot be charged. So we decide to build our own brand Lustlia, to provide unique, interesting and high quality sex toys. We don’t sell a lot of sex toys, but we sell amazing toys only.

    We will check every detail of each product before shipping, of cause wearing sanitary gloves. Checklist include but not limited to:

    • Do all the buttons work?
    • How is the sound? Is it too loud?
    • How is the vibration, is it powerful?
    • How is the suction, is it strong?
    • Can it be charged normally?

      We will send out only when we ourselves are satisfied with it.

      We are committed to provide unique, interesting & high quality sex toys, plus satisfying customer service. We care about every customer, we will hear what you say and what you want, will solve your issues or feedbacks in time, thus to give you a pleasant shopping experience on

      If you find some interesting toys, or want to give us some advice, feel free to let us know through

      Our Guarantee

      We offer a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee on all orders that do not work as intended.

      Discreet Shipping & Billing

      We offer the most discreet shipping & billing possible. No-one will know what's inside or who is it from.

      Shipping & Handling

      Depending where you are located, shipping times may vary from 7-20 days. Tracking code is included with every order.

      Customer Support

      We offer customer support from Mondays through Friday. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns via email