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    Let's talk about this ultra-fast motor. First of all, this masturbator is equipped with a powerful motor that can reach 700 impacts per minute in high-speed mode, bringing a shocking feeling; medium-speed mode provides rapid stimulation of 400 times per minute; and low-speed mode With a gentle rhythm of 200 beats per minute, it will lead you into the ultimate comfort zone.

    1. Powerful high-speed motor:
    This masturbator is equipped with an ultra-high-speed motor with three speeds: 700 rpm for intense stimulation; 400 rpm for a fast experience; and 200 rpm for leisurely fun.

    2. Customizable stroke length:
    The longest stroke can reach 12 cm, meeting individual needs and providing deep and shallow pleasure.

    3. Ultra-high frequency precision impact:
    Original high-frequency point-to-point impact design achieves precise stimulation.

    4. Innovative gun rack design:
    The device features an innovative gun frame design with interchangeable handles, making it easy to control in any position.

    5. Built-in phone holder:
    There is a mobile phone holder on the top, allowing you to enjoy it while enjoying the visual pleasure.
    male masterburbater
    Packing method: color box Material: ABS, TPE,
    Accessories list: color box, manual, lubricant, charging cable, warranty card, anti-counterfeiting label, soft meat, mobile phone holder
    Product size: 320*180*270mm
    Packaging size: 310*225*325mm
    Product net weight: 1.3kg
    Packing gross weight: 2.8kg
    Number of motors: 1
    Motor model: 3626
    Speed: 7000 rpm
    Motor life: 120h
    Battery capacity: Equivalent to 6000mA large battery mah lithium battery
    Charging voltage: 5V
    Rated current ≤3000mA
    Mode: 10 telescopic speeds, 10 modes (5 constant + 5 variable frequency)
    Charging cable category: Type-C charging
    Operating noise: ≤70db
    Charging time: 6H
    Discharge time (1st gear, 1st speed): 1H

    UPDATE: Due to huge demand we are officially running low on this product, please place your order while supplies last!


    When ordering a sex toy, the most you care about is discreet packaging. We know this quite well, so, from pouches, product boxes, to shipping packages, we designed very discreetly.


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    The company sent the items in a discreet box, with a discreet label, so no one could tell what the items were or what exact company they were from, including my husband who the present was for. The items were properly placed in the box and were in their proper condition. They arrived quick, in the correct turnaround time!

    The product is high quality, delivery was prompt and discreet, the online ordering process was convenient, and follow-up communications were attentive without being obnoxious. I didn't have any issues, but I got the impression that the company was eager to help if any were to come up.

    I got my products more than 2 days earlier than it said they’d arrive, the products were also all amazing quality and are very durable! Wonderful experience, very happy.

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