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    Automatic Male Masturbators Sucking Machine And Glans Trainer

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    Automatic Male Masturbators Sucking Machine And Glans Trainer

    The men masturbation toy has a lot of power for being so small. The glans training tool can accommodate any sized person. The glans stimulator favors those with a greater circumference. If you are more toward the average-to-smaller range, I would recommend using the black sleeve.
    Will accommodate just about any size, comfortably. Easy to hold, and has soft, but firm ribs that stimulate during strokes. The tiny, but powerful sucking toy for men has quick charging.
    male masturbator
    This is a compact, delightful little sucking machine for men.
    What it did do was provide another option along the journey to self-pleasure. A solid investment if you're looking for something to spice things up and not grow bored quickly. After lubing your glans and shaft and the inside of this automatic male masturbator, then turned it on and started stroking with the perfect pressure.
    sucking toy for men
    Steps for usage:
    1. First thrusting your big dick to an erection with your hands
    2. Put enough lubricating oil on your glans
    3. Open the entrance for your glans to enter
    4. Squeeze out the air in the pen*s head vibration machine by hand
    Attention please: Please decide whether to use black silicone sleeve according to your own size. If you are more toward the average-to-smaller range, it is recommended to use the sleeve.
    glans massager
    【Advanced Glans Massager】: This glans training tool is different from other male masturbators. Sucking and vibration can train your penis to last longer. We did market research, the penis pump is suitable for all penis sizes. If you are more toward the average-to-smaller range, you can also enjoy the stimulation brought by this product with the help of the silicone sleeve.

    【Powerful 3 Sucking and 7 Vibration】: The male masturbator cup has 3 sucking and 7 vibrating modes, the glans sucking toys ranges from the soft and gentle to much stronger. you will be impressed with the strength of the highest vibration modes. All bring something unique! The men masturbation cup definitely stimulates you completely. Women can gift this to your man and help them.

    【Premium Soft Flexible Material】: If you're a man seeking true self care, the sucking male masturbator is a good choice. The penis head training tool is made of medically certified silicone, which is skin-friendly and odorless. The men self pleasure toy comes with a black silicone sleeve, please decide whether to use silicone sleeve according to your own size. We suggest you use it when fully erect though.

    【Ejaculation Delayed & Rechargeable】: We use high quality motors, and penis head vibration machine uses advanced magnetic charging. What it did do was provide another option along the journey to self-pleasure. You can use this adult toy to increases your sexual time, and when you are close to orgasm, you can use this glans massager to extend the time.

    UPDATE: Due to huge demand we are officially running low on this product, please place your order while supplies last!


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    I got my products more than 2 days earlier than it said they’d arrive, the products were also all amazing quality and are very durable! Wonderful experience, very happy.

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